Name Photo Description
Drop-Ear Elbow Cast Brass Drop-Ear Elbow 1/2 Sweat x 1/2 FIP
EZ Tees (Max Adapter Tees) 3/8 x 3/8 x 3/8 Max Adapter Tee
Grid Drain w/ 1 1/2" Tailpiece Grid Drain w/ 1 1/2" Tailpiece
Tornado Drain Cleaning Tool Patented single-sided design to better navigate drain pipe easier. 26" long to reach far into P-Traps and S-Traps.
Tub Surround Tub Surround for Add-On Bath Faucet. Bath Faucet is Sold Seperately.
Carrier Nuts Chrome Carrier Nut Extended Style for Wall Hung Toilets & Urinals